Grey Iron Pressure Pipes :

CWF BS4622/BS1211


Grey Iron Socket and Spigot Pressure Pipes has long been employed by the construction industry as a reliable and inexpensive drainage system. At present there are two types of connection joints to choose from: rubber gasket flexible joint and caulk lead joint. Flexible joint construction provides a certain degree of freedom for the pipe system to accomodate with ground settlement and other movement, as well as fast and easy installation. While caulk lead joint has been the traditional installation method for many years.

Chung Wing Iron Works' grey iron pressure pipes and other cast iron products were first used in Hong Kong in 1952 at the North Point Healthy Village. Ever since then, our products have now been used in over hundreds of building and civil projects. This long history is a testimony to the quality of our products and sign of trust from our satisfying customers.

Manufacturing Process

Our pipes are cast using continuous casting machine; molten iron into a metal mold section which moved vertically.

Technical Specifications

Standard Sizes